Technical Information

We have recently researched the technical specifications for most of the Colts that came to Australia and created a file that compares them all. The information came from a range or sources including workshop manuals, owners manuals, magazine reviews, and various internet sites. Should you see any errors or have more information to provide, please let us know. To view the file, please click the following link :

Old Colts in Oz technical data

Servicing your 1100f

Here are some common things you may need to purchase and their respective part numbers :

Oil Capacity - 3 litres ( 2.5 in the sump and .5 in the filter )
Oil Filter - either R2213P or Z56B
Distributor Cap - Bosch part number GM524
Rotor Button - Bosch part number GM521
Contact Points - Bosch part number GM209
Condensor - Bosch part number GL103
Spark Plugs - NGK part number BP5ES
Spark Plug Leads - 4 short leads and one Coil lead
Air filter - universal filter to suit original size.

Engine identifying

1967 1000f - Engine number starting with KE43 138
1967 1000 Sedan - Engine number starting with KE43 170
1968 1100 Sedan - Engine number starting with KE44 133-KE44 175
1969 1100f - Engine number starting with KE44 176
1969 coupe - Engine number starting with KE44 178

Mechanical bits and pieces

1968 Colt 1100 Sedans use an old Cartridge style oil filter. The part number should be Ryco Part No. R2213P. Some 1969 1100f models also used this filter.

Most 1969 Colt 1100f models use the screw in type oil filter. The part number should be Z56B.

Pictures of various parts

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Other technical information

Japanese 1100f Hubcaps

1100 sedan water pump

1100 sedan brake cylinders

Unknown badge

1100f badges

1100f bonnet badge

1100f boot badge

1100f lower guard badge

1100 sedan tail lights

1100 sedan rear drum

1100 sedan front drum

1100f carby vs 1200 carby

1100 sedan hubcap

1000 grille

1100f hub cap

1100 sedan grille

1100 sedan centre dash

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