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Owner : Craig
Location : SA
Car : 1968 Mitsuibishi Colt 1100 Sedan
How I came to own a Colt : Craig always liked Mitsubishis and a mate found this one in a paddock where it had been sitting for 5 years. Once the deal was done, he's never looked back!
Car details : Original 68,000 miles. Interior has been retrimmed and new venetician and white walls done. Eventually will look at respraying it the original colour and reconditioning the motor.
Owner : James
Location : Vic
Car : 1970 Colt 1100 SS
Car details : Not too sure on the history but was turned into a rally car in 2000 and I bought it and a spare shell in early 2007.  It has a 6 point cage race seats 4 point harnesses, no rear seats and electric fuel pump. The rest is as Mr Mitsubishi intended. The car has now been changed back from rally format and is onwed by James in Victoria

Owner : Timo
Location : Finland
Car : 1969 Mitsubishi Colt 1100F
How I came to own a Colt : In 1970 Helkama-Auto (Mitsubishi importer 1976-2003) brought this car to Finland as an example car for future markets. Timo's  father worked back then for Helkama-Auto and drove the car often. In 1979 the car was put in an museum and last year Helkama-Auto decided to sell the car so Timo bought it. It's registered for every day use and gathers lots of curiouss glances as it's driven to and from home and work.
Car details : Original 30,000 km. The upholstery has been retrimmed and surface has been repainted in almost the same dark blue colour.

Owner : Gary
Location : NSW
Car : 1969 Mitsubishi Colt 1100f 3 door
How I came to own a Colt : Gary is a mad Izuzu Bellet fan and has several great examples. The Colt came up for Sale and he snapped it up.
Car details : Great original condition including the very saught after picnic table in the back.
Owner : A musuem in Germany somewhere
Location : Germany
Car : 1967 Mitsubishi Colt 1000
How I came to own a Colt : After exchangin hands in South Australia a couple of times, this car is now overseas
Car details : Original 42,000 miles. Everything is original.
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Owner : Dennis
Location : SA
Car : 1969 Mitsubishi Colt 1100f hatchback

Car details:
Credit for the condition of this car goes to Gwen and Harry Kranz from SA who bought the car new and loved it all its life. They wanted it to go to a good home so Craig purchased the car from them and then passed it on to his father.
Approximately 80,000 miles. This is car is completely original and unrestored.
Owner : David
Location : Vic
Car : 1968 Mitsubishi Colt 1100f

Car details : Original 42,000 miles. The car is in fantastic original condition. The car was originally a Victorian car owned by Colt guru Lindsay and a deal was done to send the car to SA. A few years later it made it's way back interstate and now resides in Victoria again
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Owner : A carvan Park in SA somewhere
Location : SA
Car : 1970 Mitsubishi Colt 1100f Pick-Up ( Ute )

Car details : The car was privately imported into Australia from South Africa. This car was purchased from the original owners and trucked to South Australia. The car now resides in a Caravan park in norther SA
Owner : Andre
Location : South Africa
Car : 1972 Mitsubishi Colt 1100f Pick-Up ( Ute )
How I came to own a Colt : The car was his grandfathers and it stayed in the family from his father to him.
Car details : Great original/restored condition. The car was restored back in about 2001. It was first purchased in 1976 and you can see the great black and white photos below.
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