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A trip down Memory Lane

This page is dedicated to Colts as they were back in their prime. The other pages have plenty of pictures of brochures and cars in the modern era, but what about the cars when they were fresh off the assembly line......

Original 1100f in SA

Black and white 1100f

1100f in colour

1100f in colour

Having fun on SA roads

Highway stop in country SA

Original colour 1100f

Other transport from the same era

Flinders Ranges in SA

Big thanks to Tony in SA for donating the below pictures of Colts that he owned back in the early 70's. Looks like Tony put the little cars through their paces and I'm sure had a lot of fun doing it!

Rolled 1100f

Rolled 1100f

Rolled 1100f

We don't always get to find out what happens to the cars we used to own. Unfortunately for Tony, he knows all too well what happen to one of his Colts. Below are the pictures of the old girl after it was rolled near Kersbrook in SA in 1972. Tony was in the back seat and was thrown clear of the car ( remember they didn't have seat belts in the back ). The other passengers walked away with a few sprains and scratches!

Colt 1000 in Country SA

Bumped into Brian at an Antique store in Goolwa in SA and got to talking about old Colts. He had a few stories to share and one involved spotting this Colt 1000 in the 70's parked next to a giant ball that was used to clear large sections of Mallee. Brian was kind enough to get me a copy of the photo below. It's amazing that you can still make out the passenger inside the car and the original "R" series SA number plate which was from that era.
Paul recently contacted us with a great story about when he was 7 his Mum owned a 1968 Colt 1100 Sedan. He was kind enough to donate the following pictures.
Geoff Hamilton from Australia was kind enough to donate these pictures of his SS Rally car from back in the 70's
Pieter from WA used to own this great 1100f
Neil from QLD recently found the site and was happy to share his memories of owning 60's Colts. He owned the below two Colts - one being the very popular 1100f SS
Bill from Adelaide kindly donated the below pictures from his collection. His father bought a brand new Colt 1100 Sedan in 1968 and the little car made the trip to over to WA twice. The car was purchased from Dick Martins Distributors which was the main Colt dealer back then. Soon after that, Bill bought himself a 69 1100f in a British Racing Green ( pic makes it look blue! ). The car was near new and still had the plastic on the door skins. Many good times were had in the 1100f including travelling to Melbourne and enjoying the Old Golden Grove Rd and the back way to Gawler. 
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